5 Reasons to Get a LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar

Combining groundbreaking technology with a connected app on your iPhone or Android device, the award-winning LINK AKC Smart Collar helps your four-footed best friend live a healthier, safer and more active life. Learn about the five features that make our collar indispensable.

1. Stay in shape: Keep your dog (and yourself) motivated with regular exercise by setting attainable goals for activity, and tracking his progress using the app. Not sure how much exercise your dog should be getting each day? We'll give you a baseline recommendation based on their age, sex, and breed (or breeds) to get you started!

2. Reinforce good behavior: Use the LINK AKC Smart Collar's sound feature for positive reinforcement and/or recall training, similar to how you would use a clicker. Triggered from the app on your phone, it's easy to keep your pup on track with their training no matter where you are.

3. Check the temperature: All paw-rents want to know if their dog becomes exposed to uncomfortable or unsafe temperatures. Our smart collar's app sends an alert to your phone when the environment they're in exceeds or drops below the temperature you've set. If your dog loves snuggling up in his dog bed during the day or being covered in blankets while you're away, be sure to increase the high temperature threshold so you don't receive unnecessary warnings.

4. Manage medicals The LINK AKC app allows you to set appointment reminders and maintain your dog's vet and medical records. Store their most recent vaccination documentation, microchip information, appointments and more right from your phone. Missing his monthly heart worm pill, or flea and tick treatment will become a thing of the past!

5. Location, location, location: It's all about having peace of mind when you're away from your pup. With a tap on your phone, you'll be able to pinpoint your doggie pal using our in-app map, equipt with advanced GPS tracking. Whether you worry about the new dog-walker going on that full 30 minute walk, your dog jumping the fence at the local dog park, or your kids taking their best friend on a stroll after dinner - we've got you covered. Want extra safety during nighttime walks? Turn on the collar's remote LED light on the app's home screen and your dog instantly has her own little lantern to lead the way or help bystanders spot her coming.

Our collar's tricks don't stop here! There's much more to love about the ultimate device for dog lovers so keep exploring! Share your favorite feature with us on Instagram using hashtag #linkakcadventures.