D.I.Y. Dog Halloween Costumes

Does your pup have the pawfect Halloween costume yet? If the answer is no, don't worry! We found two Do It Yourself tutorials that we think you might like and one that can be the base for a ton of other costumes. They're super easy, even if you're not the most crafty dog pawrent on the block. 

D.I.Y. Cupcake Inspired by Lovely Indeed


  • 7" round paper mache box (or larger, if you have a bigger dog)
  • Various colors of felt
  • Cotton batting
  • Natural color scrapbook paper
  • ¾" elastic
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Measure Your Pup

Place the lower portion of the box on your dog's back and mark its width. Cut away two arched portions so that it fits snuggly onto your dog's back. It helps to measure your dog before you buy the supplies so you have amount from step 1!


Step 2: Add Straps

Measure your pup around the chest and waist so that you know how long the straps need to be. Then, cut small slits in the box to thread the elastic straps through. A glue gun will also work if the slits don't pan out!

Step 3: Build the Cupcake

Pink felt works, green felt works, you can even make this a howl-o-ween-themed cupcake! The colors are where you can get creative. Hot glue gun your felt around the edge of the box and then secure the pieces together with glue.">


Step 4: Fill the Cupcake

Fluffy, fluffy, fluffy! Help the cupcake keep its shape with cotton batting, found at any craft store in the fabrics and sewing section. Cut up small sections and bundle to put inside the cupcake "cone" you've created. 

Step 5: Close the Cupcake

You can sew the top shut, or use the glue gun, like we did. However you close the top, make sure it still has a fluffy look and feel! 

Step 6: Add the Frosting

Cut felt strips in a way that looks like frosting and stick them on top. You can sew or, you guessed it, use your glue gun. Spray adhesive is another option here too.

Step 7: Time to Decorate

Whether you prefer sprinkles, confetti, or sparkles on your cupcakes, using adhesive spray here is usually the quickest.

Step 8: Wrap Your Cupcake

You can use plain parchment paper for the wrapper or get crafty with a funky pattern. Fold the paper into a "fan", creasing it in several sections and then glue it around the base. 


There you have it. Your pup might not be grateful for your Howl-o-Ween skills, but you'll definitely feel accomplished...and probably have a great story to share!


D.I.Y. Bat, Dragon, or Devil

This was inspired by HGTV and it's an awesome costume! Because it's primarily based on creating wings, you can use it to be the mother of a dragon or an angel to your pup's devil (or vice versa). Let your creativity take flight with this (super simple) D.I.Y.


  • Clear tape
  • Scissors
  • ½ yard of black felt
  • Fabric tape measure
  • Straight ruler
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Elastic
  • Spray adhesive

Step 1: Print out wing templates and cut

Print out two copies of each wing (right and left). Lay one of each side templates together on a flat surface and tape them together in the middle. 


Step 2: Cut out felt wings

Pin or tape the templates to black felt and cut out the wing shape. We also added the pipe cleaners here, following the outline of the wings to make them bendable.


Step 3: Add a strap

Near the center of the wings, cut two 2" slits with a craft knife and ruler. Using the leftover elastic from your cupcake, create a strap that attaches to their harness or a larger one that goes around their chest comfortably. 


No matter your craft-level, always make sure your best friend enjoys the costume you dress them in. Happy Halloween from our pack to yours!