We live vicariously through our dogs. Three-hour naps followed by Frisbee with friends is a pretty sweet routine, but when you're ready to indulge in "champagne wishes and caviar dreams," try these luxury dog accessories.

    Food for Thought

    Feeding your dog quality protein is a must,  but at $108 a bag, Ziwi Peak venison dog chow means Roscoe is eating better than you tonight. Need a happy medium between luxury and affordability? Use Primal Pooch to find the perfect artisanal dog food butcher meats.

    Princely Puppy Pads

    You could be the first person to add a review for Rockstar Puppy's custom Taj Mahal dog house. What's a mere $40,000 anyway? Sure, Rockstar Puppy can design your pooch custom digs that don't require a second mortgage, but when it comes to the Swarovski Crystal Pet Palace, a dog can always dream.

    Posh Playthings

    Forty-four percent of Americans own dogs, and it's a good bet most of us have slobber-covered rope toys. If your Sir Knuckles deserves a luxury dog accessory, start with a bespoke toy from Tails in the City. Plush playthings like Chewnel #5 and Dog Perignon break the squeaky toy mold, but not the bank.

    Sleep Like a King

    Million dollar dog parks and hotel pet perks cater to your four-legged friend like never before. But even with activities galore and lavish private boarding rooms, there's still no place like home. Let sleeping dogs lie in luxury with a canopy bed from Posh Puppy Boutique.

    Luxury is Standard

    Never confuse luxury for what should come standard. The LINK AKC Smart Collar passes the designer fashion sniff test, and owner-friendly features like the virtual scrapbook help you document your pup's luxurious lifestyle and have earned kudos in the form of the CES Innovation Award for Best Wearable Tech Product of 2017.

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