Link Story: Mimi + Easton and Bauer

Star of the Story: Easton and Bauer
Pet Parent: Mimi 
Home State: Florida

Being the pet parent of two “door darters” is no easy task – just ask Mimi. Her two pups, Bauer and Easton, are always on the search for an open door to slip through and embark on a grand adventure.

One day, a friend of Mimi’s was over and accidentally left the front door open just a crack – but that’s all Bauer and Easton needed. Soon realizing the house was all too quiet, panic set in as Mimi frantically searched the house with her two beloved pups nowhere to be found. She grabbed her phone and started searching the immediate neighborhood before realizing they were past the “on foot” range, so she hopped in her car. While driving around, yelling their names, calling neighbors to help and feeling further panic set in, she got a call from one of her son’s friends over a mile away saying he spotted and grabbed both Bauer and Easton. Mimi felt SO lucky and relieved her fur babies were found safe and she immediately began searching for a solution in case they got out again – and along came Link!

About a year ago, Bauer and Easton managed to break through a screen enclosure and run off again, but this time, Mimi was prepared and each pup was wearing a Link! She immediately grabbed her phone and opened the Link My Pet app which showed the pups’ pinpoint location. She hopped in her car and headed to where the app said they would be, called their names and they came right to the car. They were around a mile away and had even crossed a major road, but thankfully had no injuries.

Mimi noted that without Link, she had no idea how far they could have wandered or how many other major roads they could have crossed, putting them at risk to be hit by a car or stray too far from home to be found. Life with her little door darters is a little easier to manage knowing that Link can quickly track down her beloved fur babies at a moment’s notice.

If you’re a Link customer and find yourself in need of lost dog assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Link Concierge team. They’re prepared and ready to assist with GPS tracking updates and community outreach to help our Link users bring their pets home to safety.